About me
I am ali and I have been interested in wellness for about 15 years. I started because I wanted to be well in all areas of my life. It all began when I was divorced and I had four children to raise.
I had no constant income because I gave away my career and stayed home with the children. 
(I certainly would still have chosen to stay home with the children until they went to school), but I would have prepared myself for a career a lot earlier. 

After a heart breaking divorce, I wanted my life to go well. I went to University and finished a teaching degree in Mathematics. I love Maths. (It took me 6 years.)

My belief system that was in my head was very harsh, which was forced upon me by my father. I had to learn to find a new set of beliefs as he had made me suspicious and untrusting about people, which totally the opposite of what I believe now. Actually, I trust me and I am free to accept what “is”, now.  

I ran into an NLP stall, and since then I have done nothing but read and become NLP qualified so I could use the skills on myself. I learnt by involving with my friends and my 6 children ( I am married again and had 2 more children).  I would learn and read about energy, reiki, colour, aura’s and what ever was available to find wellness.

I found the mind the biggest tool that is misused by us because no one teachers us to make it our friend, I was taught to use it to critise all the time.
I had to teach myself to love everything and everyone, and that is OK


Please send an email ali@whyisthishappeningtome.com.au fo any enquires. ali

Always nurture yourself, stay around people who care or love youIf you feel there is no one, please become a member of our family so we can nurture you and find the beautiful you.

We can show you skills which will bring your life to something you have always dream.Our very first task is to find the beautiful You     take care