Closure - Memory booklet

We often live in memory and are not aware. All our thought are jumbled memory if we are not sure if what we thought yesterday is still happening in our minds today.

It is NOW, and look around us, is the thought you are thinking from a feeling you had in the past or  is it a brand new feeling. 

We never really ask that question. 
Am I always thinking and feeling moments of the past.
 WOW, just think, 
mmmm.........., that's how I felt before.

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Our memory often comes up when we have labeled or identified the feeling or object. It sometimes brings past feelings which could be good or bad. So a fresh thought is sometimes replaced with a past thought which was in a different senerio and different enviroment. How often do we judge the situation because of what we expect. There maybe something new and fresh, but your past experience will not allow you to see something new. Memories are often bought back if Closure has not been address and put down to ly. Love it and let it go.

​Always nurture yourself, stay around people who care or love you. If you feel there is no one, please become a member of our family so we can nurture you and find the beautiful you.

We can show you skills which will bring your life to something you have always dream.Our very first task is to find the beautiful You     take care