title: Caught in your thoughts
Oh.......a thought......
 what was so important about that thought.
                     Is it a memory
                     Is it now
                     Is it the future
 Are we caught in our thoughts?
 Do we really know????
  If you are caught in a thought and  you are startled
 You may loose your thought
      So where were you really
             "Caught in a thought"
Then I ask this question
"Are you your thoughts"
Because when  you are laughing there are
no thoughts to be caught.

title: Love
Love is what you want it to be
Love is patting a pet
Love is a tingling feeling when you meet someone

Love is a connection
Love is a moment 
Love is NOW

Love is what you want it to be.
Love is you
YOU are love

Love is allowing you to receive 
Love is opening your heart to accept
Love is your moment 

Love is your connection with your moment.

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Please remember, You are NOT your thoughts.


​Always nurture yourself, stay around people who care or love you
If you feel there is no one, please become a member of our family so we can nurture you and find the beautiful you.

We can show you skills which will bring your life to something you have always dream.Our very first task is to find the beautiful You     take care