Self-talk is what happens to the voice in your head  that keeps nagging or disagreeing with you for some reason. 

The idea of the ebook is to find out what your mind is really thinking about 24/7 and whether you like it.

It will make you take notice of the things that pop into your head, without you thinking it.

Self-talk can be your friend. You first need to know what you are thinking about most of the time.

This ebook will findout what you think about all the time. A bit of a challenge!!!!
Nothing is good or badit's just what you think.

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We often live in memory and are not aware.  All our thought are jumbled memory if we are not sure if what we thought yesterday is still happening in our minds today.

It is NOW, and look around us, is the thought you are thinking from a feeling you had in the past or is it a brand new feeling.  We never really ask that question. Am I always thinking and feeling moments of the past. WOW, just think,
mmmm.........., that's how I felt before.

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